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Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to populate JSON data in input fields using Javascript in a best way?

Here we are discussing about how to populate JSON data in HTML input fields dynamically.This might be the best way to work on any kind of edit data/form operation.


1. Creating database and table
2. Connecting to database
3. Fetching data
4. Parsing data
5. Populating in the form

Creating database and table

Create a database(demo) make sure that you are using the right database name in your config.php file.

Run the following queries to create a table with some sample data

To create a table(user) 

  `UserID` int(12) NOT NULL,
  `FirstName` varchar(48) NOT NULL,
  `LastName` varchar(48) NOT NULL,
  `Email` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  `Password` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
  `City` varchar(48) NOT NULL

To insert data into the table

INSERT INTO `user` (`UserID`, `FirstName`, `LastName`, `Email`, `Password`, `City`) VALUES
(7, 'Rahul', 'Rajshekaran', '', 'Rahul@123', 'Pune'),
(8, 'Mahesh', 'Krishna', '', 'Mahesh@123', 'Delhi'),
(9, 'Mahidar', 'kumar', '', 'Mahidar@123', 'Pune'),
(10, 'Mahpal', 'yadhav', '', 'Mahipa@123', 'Delhi');

Connecting to database(config.php)

/* Database connection start */
$dbHost = 'localhost';
$dbUsername = 'root';
$dbPassword = 'root';
$dbName = 'demo';

//Create connection and select DB
$connection = new mysqli($dbHost, $dbUsername, $dbPassword, $dbName);
die("Unable to connect database: " . $connection->connect_error);

Fetching data(index.php)

//Check UserID set or not
if (isset($_GET['UserID'])) {
    $UserID = $_GET['UserID'];
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE UserID='$UserID'";
    $result = mysqli_query($connection, $sql);
    if ((mysqli_num_rows($result)) > 0) {
        while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
            $rows[] = array("Message" => "Success", "UserID" => $UserID, "FirstName" => $FirstName, "LastName" => $LastName, "Email" => $Email, "City" => $City);
    } else {
        $rows[] = array("Message" => "No Data");
} else {
    $rows[] = array("Message" => "Error");
echo json_encode($rows);

Parsing data with JQuery

<script src=""></script>
function userEdit(UserID) {
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $.getJSON("http://localhost/demo/user.php?UserID=" + UserID,
            function (json) {
                for (var i = 0; i < json.length; i++) {
var Message = json[i].Message;
document.getElementById("Message").innerHTML = Message;
                    $.each(json[0] , function (key, value){
<style type="text/css">
        position: absolute;
        width: 600px;
        height: 200px;
        z-index: 15;
        top: 40%;
        left: 30%;
        margin: -100px 0 0 -150px;
        background: #43c181;
        padding-top: 10px;
        padding-left: 60px;
        padding-bottom: 30px;
        width: 500px;
        height: auto;
        padding: 5px;

*Place the above code in the head section of your HTML.

Populating in the form


<div class='box'>

<h4 id="Message"></h4>

<form action='#' method='post' id='Form' enctype='multipart/form-data'>

<div class="col-md-10">
            <label>First Name</label>
            <input type="text" id="FirstName" class="form-control" name="FirstName" placeholder='First Name'/>

 <div class="col-md-10">
            <label>Last Name</label>
            <input id="LastName" name="LastName" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder='Last Name'/>

 <div class="col-md-10">
            <input id="Email" name="Email" class="form-control" type="text"




//Call function
userEdit(UserID = 7);


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