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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Drag the box using JQuery



<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

<link rel="stylesheet"href=" css/bootstrap.min.css">


<style type="text/css">

        #draggable { 

width: 100px; 

height: 60px; 

padding: 0.5em;

border: 1px solid;

background-color: orange;



            width: 50%;

            height: auto;

            border: 1px solid black;

            padding: 10px;

            margin-bottom: 10px;







        $(function() {

            var thHeight = $("table#demo-table th:first").height();

            $("table#demo-table th").resizable({

                handles: "e",

                minHeight: thHeight,

                maxHeight: thHeight,

                minWidth: 40,

                resize: function (event, ui) {

                    var sizerID = "#" + $("id") + "-sizer";





        $( function() {

            $( "#draggable" ).draggable({ axis: "x" });

            $( "#draggable" ).draggable({ containment: "parent" });

        } );




<div class="box">

<div id="draggable" class="ui-widget-content">

    <span>Draggable Box</span>







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