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(Add delete mysql data script) PHP Database Driven Websites – Tutorial 2b



Previously we had build login and logout script for our website and now we will develop scripts to add, delete products of our website which are games.


  • We are building a simple ecommerce dynamic website called games
  • So far we have build database structure and CMS with login script
  • Download file 71.rar. “start” folder consist of the work done previously and “final” folder consist of the complete work which will be done in this tutorial

Extract the file and rename the folder “start” to “egames” and copy it to c:/wwwroot/inetpub.


  • The start folder comes with javascript validation built in with the php pages
  • If you face any problems please check the config.php file

If you have not attended previous tutorial you probably don’t have the database structure … no worries …. open egames.sql and get the code.

Open internet explorer type http://localhost/egames/admin then type username: admin and password: password. You will be taken to the controlpanel page.
Note: I have already created add, delete, edit category script for you. The one that we will develop together will be similar so have a look at the category section to get an idea.

Lets start working on product.php file. This file will list all the existing products in the database, but as we don’t have anything at the moment it will show an empty list.
Open product.php in dreamweaver or notepad.

List MYSQL Data Script


Type the following at the very top of the webpage


Find <!—- Listing ——> in the code and type the following:

Add MySQL Data Sript

The adding script requires two pages addproduct.php and saveproduct.php. The addproduct.php consists of a simple html form and saveproduct.php consist php script to store data in mysql table.


Type <script language=”JavaScript” src=”../gen_validatorv1.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> in the <head></head> of the page

Find <!—- Listing ——> in the code and type the following:

Find <!—- Listing ——> in the code and type the following:

Delete MYSQL Data Script

Add a few products from the CMS and click on “products” to have a look at the products added. Now lets create the delete script.

Open the product.php in dreamweaver and type the following in the <head></head> of the webpage

Find the column headings of the main table (sno, name, modify, delete) and type the following:

Got this much?? This part just declares the html form which leads to the page (deleteproduct.php) where the actual deleting script exist.

Find <!– listing–> and type the following:

Now we are done with adding and deleting in our next tutorial we will cover scripts to modify and view the mysql data.



Code Explanation
session_start(); is used to start a session and has to be placed on every page sessions are used.
include("../config.php"); the config.php has the code to connect to the mysql database. Open and read it.
include("adminchecksession.php"); adminchecksession.php checks for the validity of the user accessing the current page. Check the Previous Tutorial for more details
$strrec="select * from product order by productid";
$res1=mysql_query($strrec) or die("cannot select product");
connects to the mysql table “product”

declare variable count to store the no of product

while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($res1)) {
reading data from table row by row
incrementing count every time a product is read
echo $count Displays the Sno of the product
echo $row["product"] displays the product title
<a href="modifyproduct.php?productid=<?echo $row["productid"]?>">Modify</a> Passing the value of ‘productid’ to modifyproduct.php page using URL
<input type="checkbox" name="<? echo "enquiry".$k ?>" value="<? echo $row["productid"] ?>"> This is used for deleting the products. Will be described later on this page.


Code Explanation
<script language="JavaScript" src="../gen_validatorv1.js" type="text/javascript"></script> Connecting javascript validation script which is placed in the main folder
<form method=post name=myform action="saveproduct.php"> Used method post for passing variables
<input type="text" name="product" size="50"> html form elements which will used in the saveproduct.php page to store data in mysql table
<select name="productcat" style=width:270px>
<option value="">Select</option>
<? $res=mysql_query("select * from category order by categoryid") or die("cannot select category");
while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)) {?><option value="<? echo $row["categoryid"] ?>"><? echo $row["category"];?>
<? } ?>
we are using a select box to display the product category. These categories are stored in a table “category” so here are getting the data from the table.Note: We are displaying the category name and passing the categoryid to the next page


Code Explanation
Extracting values from addproduct.php;
Note: We are using $_POST as we used method=post in the addproduct.php
mysql_query("insert into product values('$productid','$product','$bdesc','$ddesc')"); save products details in table “product”
mysql_query("insert into productcategory values('$productcat','$productid')") or die(mysql_error()); save product category in the table “productcategory”


Code Explanation
function SetChecked(val,chkName)
function ValidateForm(dml,chkName)
javascript functions for checking all checkboxes in the table where all the products are listed
validation function. Nobody explains javascript!!!
<form name="myform" method="post" action="deleteproduct.php" onsubmit="return ValidateForm(this,'enquiry')"> form declaration for delete the script
<a href="javascript:SetChecked(1,'enquiry')">Select all</a> selects all products
<a href="javascript:SetChecked(0,'enquiry')">Clear all</a> deselect all products
<input type="checkbox" name="<? echo "enquiry".$count ?>" value="<? echo $row["productid"] ?>"> passes productid of the selected products to be deleted to the deleteproduct.php. Note the name and value parameters
$strquery="Delete from product where productid='$productid' ";
deletes the product from the table “products” where the productid match
$strj="Delete from productcategory where productcat like '$productid' ";
deletes the productcategory from the the table “productscategory” where again the productid match
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“(Add delete mysql data script) PHP Database Driven Websites – Tutorial 2b”

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    thanks for that work.please i want modifyproduct.php file at nearest time if it possible its necessary. thanks again

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