PHP Testing Tools

Codeception doesn’t only enable us to write Unit Tests, but also Functional and Acceptance Tests. These two latter tests the PHP app as a whole with all features tied together, not as units. Codeception allows us to enable and configure different modules according to our development needs.

SimpleTest is a straightforward unit-testing platform for PHP applications. To get up and running SimpleTest quickly, read through this pragmatic tutorial that shows you how to create a new test case.

PHPUnit is a complete port of the popular Junit unit testing suite to PHP 5. It’s a tool that helps you test your Web application’s stability and scalability. Writing test cases within the PHPUnit framework is easy

Behat is a popular behaviour-driven PHP testing framework. The tests we can write with Behat look rather like stories than code. Behat uses the StoryBDD subtype of behaviour-driven development (the other subtype is SpecBDD).

Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a test tool that allows you to write automated Web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP website using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. It can be used in conjunction with PHPUnit to create and run automated tests within a Web browser.

PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP 5 script for detecting conformance to a predefined PHP coding standard. It’s a helpful tool for maintaining uniform coding styles for large projects and teams.

dBug is ColdFusion’s cfDump for PHP. It’s a simple tool for outputting data tables that contain information about arrays, classes and objects, database resources and XML resources, making it very useful for debugging purposes.

PHP Profile Class
PHP Profile Class is an excellent PHP profiling tool for your Web applications. Using this class will help you quickly and easily gain insight into which parts of your app could use some refactoring and optimization.

PHPSpec also follows the behaviour-driven testing approach, but its other subtype called SpecBDD. With PHPSpec we need to write the specifications first that describe how the application code will behave. It was also inspired by a Ruby testing framework called RSpec.

Storyplayer is a full-stack testing framework that makes it possible to write end-to-end tests for an entire platform. Storyplayer has support for creating and destroying test environments on demand. It follows the TDD testing approach, and allows us to write functional tests that can check an application as a whole.

Peridot is a lightweight, extensible testing framework for PHP. It features an event-driven architecture that allows testers to easily customize the framework via plugins and reporters.

Atoum is an intuitive and modern PHP testing framework that allows us to run unit tests. It simplifies test development, and as it’s a young framework it makes use of some newer capabilities that were introduced in PHP 5.3 (it can‘t be used with older PHP versions) to provide us with a quick and easy-to-understand testing process.

Kahlan is a full-featured BDD testing framework that makes it possible to write Unit Tests using the describe-itsyntax. It embraces the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) design principle. Kahlan requires at least PHP 5.5.

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